Here you can find information about our summer camp and what will be offered

Group 1-4

Level: From triple jumps to minimum working on single axel
Time: from 8:00 am to 17:00
Sessions: 3 ice sessions and 2 off ice (dance – gym) plus warm-ups

Group 5

Level: Working on single jumps
Time: from 9:00 am to 13:30
Sessions: 2 ice sessions and 1 off ice

Our guest for the second week (June 18th-21st) will be Matteo Rizzo!


Grouping will be decided by Fjölnir coaching staff based on skill level to ensure quality over all groups.
General indication for Groups

G1 – 2a +

G2 – Working on 2a

G3 – Can land a few double jumps

G4 – Working on 1a and doubles


We kindly ask everyone attending the camp to fill out this form to ensure a proper division for groups

If you have an interest in joining our camp and you don’t see the group that represents you please send an email with your interest at
If we receive a sufficient number of requests we will try to open new sessions for new groups

For any other CAMP RELATED information please contact